The Soldier’s Secret Santa by Kali Hart (ePUB)

soldier's secret santa, kali hart

The Soldier’s Secret Santa (Christmas in Alpine Valley #2) by Kali Hart – Free eBooks Download


The last person I ever expected to see in Alpine Valley was Dex Black.
He saved me from an attacker when I was seventeen.
But my father never believed Dex wasn’t the one who ripped my dress.
He pressed charges, forcing Dex to join the military, and I never saw him again.
Now he’s staying in my family’s hotel.
I should keep my distance.
Solider or not, my father will always see him as the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks.
But when I draw Dex’s name for the town’s Secret Santa event, I can’t help but wonder if it’s fate.
Maybe Santa will grant me a chance at true love this Christmas—with Dex.

Heather and I are from two very different worlds.
When I return to my hometown, I’m not surprised to find out that she’s the marketing director for her father’s hotel.
I always knew she was destined for greatness.
What I didn’t expect was to still carry a torch for the curvy beauty.
Her father sent a very clear message all those years ago: stay away from his daughter.
But the harder I try to avoid Heather, the more I seem to run into her.
I moved back to Alpine Valley to prove to the town that I’m a good man.
Pursing Heather Bailey is the surest way to mess that up.
Still, I can’t help but wish Santa would bring me the only gift I want this year: Heather.

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