The Sheikh’s Fake Fiancée by Mel Teshco (ePUB)

sheikh's fiancee, mel teschco

The Sheikh’s Fake Fiancée (Desert Kings Alliance #6) by Mel Teshco – Free eBooks Download


She’s an outcast. He’s a newly appointed sheikh. It can’t possibly work—can it?
Zania Akhtar has only one regret in life: falling for the smooth lies and seduction of an older man, the same man her once best friend and Sheikha of Imbranak imagined herself in love with. Now Zania is scorned by her friends and strangers alike, and with no money and apparently even less values, she has no one to turn to—until Sheikh Kain Al Hadi of Dumak, proposes an idea to her.

Sheikh Kain Al Hadi is in a dilemma. Not only is his beloved widowed mother desperate for him to marry and create heirs to the throne, he can’t keep his eyes off a young and beautiful commoner whose reputation is in absolute tatters. There is only one thing for it—a fake engagement. It will restore Zania’s reputation while getting his mother off his back about marriage and babies. Then once the dust settles, his libido is quenched and her mother realizes her mistake, he and Zania can go their separate ways.

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