The Seduction Effect by Olivia Uviplais (ePUB)

seduction effect, olivia uviplais

The Seduction Effect by Olivia Uviplais – Free eBooks Download


Augustus Miller has a secret. Well, it’s not exactly a secret. One made-up gossip led to another, and suddenly the Michigan Lynx’s golden boy goalie is considered the biggest womanizer on campus. Which wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t for one small detail: Gus is a virgin.

Kira Mori is doing poorly in college. Very bad indeed. About to fail Ethics 101, she needs to stop going to parties to study, uninstall Tinder to focus, and pay more attention to class than cafeteria gossip, she needs a private tutor.
And Gus, the best of them all, is unavailable.
The worlds of the outgoing freshman and the geeky hockey star would never meet if it weren’t for vodka, Kira’s willingness to help drunks, and Gus’ tendency to tell secrets when he’s drunk.

Suddenly, a deal is made.
Gus teaches Ethics theories.
Kira teaches the art of seduction.

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