The Secrets We Never Told by Amanda East (ePUB)

secrets we never told, amanda east

The Secrets We Never Told by Amanda East – Free eBooks Download


Willow. Raven. Emily. Callie. Sam.
These five women have been to hell and back together.
As teens, their bond was forged through a fight for each one of their lives. They were forced to stand face-to-face with real world evil, but they found their way through. Somehow, with their tremendous love for one another and a little bit of magic, they survived. When it was all done, they took with them an unbreakable sisterhood and the deepest, darkest of secrets.
Now, thirteen years later, they must come together again when Willow goes missing. They know exactly who took her and they know they must face him alone. There is no one they can ask for help. If anyone ever knew what they did to win the fight back then it would bring all of their lives crashing down around them. They must instead face their pasts alone, hand in hand, or risk falling to an evil that thinks of nothing but making them his.
The immense magic and strength of friendship saved them once. Will it be enough to erase him from their lives forever?

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