The Sculptor’s Song by Sorcha Everhart (ePUB)

sculptor's song, sorcha everhart

The Sculptor’s Song (Sageport #2) by Sorcha Everhart – Free eBooks Download


When rare magic can be both salvation and doom…

Petra, a gifted nymph sculptor and musician, is fleeing the malevolent Shadowbinders who would kill to take her magic. Living in secrecy, her life is a delicate balance between creating art and evading capture. When her refuge is destroyed, she must decide whether to seek help from those she fears.
Enter half-troll Ralph, a mercenary turned tavern owner struggling against unjust taxes and societal prejudice. Beneath his tough exterior lies a heart yearning for acceptance and love. But first he must save his tavern from financial ruin.
As Petra and Ralph grow closer, their worlds collide in a dangerous dance. Petra’s past haunts her, and Ralph’s heritage casts a long shadow over their burgeoning relationship. With enemies lurking in every shadow, their love is a beacon in the darkness – but at what cost?

The Sculptor’s Song is a slow burn, cozy fantasy romance with spice.

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