The Sad Omega by R. Gaen (ePUB)

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The Sad Omega (Leongatha Pack Tales) by R. Gaen – Free eBooks Download


“I didn’t find you, just to let you go,” I growled in his ear. “You’re ours.”

One day, in our country town, I meet the saddest guy I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen him before and I’m a friendly kind of guy so I strike up a conversation. But there’s something weird going on here… this omega is ashamed that he’s mated, and when one day he turns up covered in bruises, I can guess who’s responsible.

My mate is the Pack Alpha but he’s cruel. Omegas are just playthings to him. Then I meet an omega who makes me realise not all omegas live like this. I’d run away if I dared, but my mate would just catch and punish me. Dare I risk it?

My omega mate is sweet, sexy and kind. I’m not at all surprised when he befriends a sad lonely omega he meets in town. But his new friend is in terrible trouble.
I’d never betray my mate, but this abused omega needs an Alpha to take care of him.
I want to help him, but can I do that without risking my pack, my mate and my heart?

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