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royal princess, kirsten osbourne

The Royal Princess (Theron Royalty #3) by Kirsten Osbourne – Free eBooks Download


Princess Eloise of Theron loves her brothers, and she’s happy they’ve both found their life partners. Incredibly glad she won’t have to worry about ever being queen, she dreams of a day when she will find the man who makes her heart beat faster.
Prince Bernard of Allenia has loved Princess Eloise for as long as he’s known her. When there is unrest between their two countries, he goes to his uncle, the king of Allenia, and suggests a political marriage between him and Eloise to help stop the fighting between their countries.
Eloise agrees to a political marriage with Bernard, hoping to find true love amidst the political alliance. After which, they face a dangerous conspiracy threatening their kingdoms and encounter betrayal within their families. Together, with the support of loyal allies, they gather evidence to expose the puppeteer behind the unrest and dismantle the dissident movement.
When their lives turn into something very different than either of them have in mind, they must face the unknown. Will they be able to be everything their countries need them to be? Or will their marriage be an exercise in futility?

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