The Roommate Rules by Fiona Maren (ePUB)

roommate rules, fiona maren

The Roommate Rules (Teachers After Hours #2) by Fiona Maren – Free eBooks Download


First friends. Now roommates. Never anything more.
When Caro Silva needs a new roommate, she does not expect a professional basketball player to move in. It turns out to be the ideal living situation: gentle giant Jojo Mays is tidy, quiet, and pays his rent on time. As long as he doesn’t get roped into dealing with her toxic family or chaotic past, everything will be fine…
Jojo Mays has a reputation: solid on the court, silent in the world. There’s some truth to the rumors. He doesn’t see much reason to talk if he doesn’t have to. And social interactions aren’t worth the anxiety spirals they cause. But Jojo never feels shy around Caro. It’s what makes living with her so comfortable. There’s nothing he’d do to jeopardize this friendship. Especially not notice how beautiful Caro is and how much he wants her in his arms…
They forge a roommate agreement, and as long as they stick to the rules, their living arrangements will go smoothly. But maybe some rules are meant to be broken?

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