The Rock Star’s Happily Ever After by Poppy Forbes (ePUB)

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The Rock Star’s Happily Ever After (The Talons #2) by Poppy Forbes – Free eBooks Download


Tour manager Caroline Bryan knew it would be challenging for her and her rock star husband to be on separate tours. Especially with him being in recovery for his addictions.
Then he stops returning her calls.
Caroline fears he’s falling back into bad habits when she sees pictures of him arm in arm with another woman splashed on every tabloid cover. She thought the love between them was strong enough to withstand the temptations on the road. Now, she’s crushed by his blatant betrayal.
Knox Bryan has a secret that will change everything. He thought he could keep it to himself and get lost in the music until the tour ends. That plan changed when those pictures were published. Knowing Caroline is livid, he hops the first plane to New York to be with her.
She deserves the truth.
He’s still clean and never strayed. But when his truth is revealed, he worries nothing in their lives will ever be the same.
Is their relationship strong enough to survive the dimming stage lights? Or will the curtain fall on their happily ever after?

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