The Road Trip Rewind by Kate and Danny Tamberelli (ePUB)

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The Road Trip Rewind by Kate and Danny Tamberelli – Free eBooks Download


Back to the Future meets 10 Things I Hate About You as the past, the present, and two hearts with unfinished business collide in the most epic, hilarious, and downright poignant way . . .

Up-and-coming screenwriter Beatrix Noel’s dream project is finally a reality—her 90s-era script is in production. Less dreamy is the A-list actor in the starring role—none other than Rocco Riziero, who jilted Beatrix on New Year’s Eve back in 1999. Without his celebrity status, the project would likely still be withering on her hard drive, but that doesn’t mean Beatrix won’t shame him at every opportunity
on-set—especially when it becomes painfully obvious he doesn’t even remember her . . .
Boxed-in as a Hollywood pretty-boy, Rocco is thrilled to tackle a genuinely dramatic role. But he’s perplexed about why the screenwriter treats him like a maggot. And awkward becomes irksome when their bickering results in a car crash right outside the famed Roxy Theatre on Sunset Boulevard—site of the New Year’s Eve party where everything went wrong . . .
Shockingly, Beatrix, Rocco, and the car, are uninjured. The twist? They’re clearly, truly, somehow, still in December, still on Sunset—but in 1999. Their mission? They’ll have to work together to correct their old mistakes—which just might bring them closer than either expects . . .

But can they change the past without altering their future selves—and hold on to what they’ve found together? Only time-travel will tell . . .

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