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The Risk Taker (Fire and Ice #2) by Michelle Scott – Free eBooks Download


She’s a distraction I can’t afford, but one I can’t seem to resist.
I am the life of the party, the good-time girl. I like to keep things light and fun, and I don’t do frills or strings. I don’t get attached. In other words, I want to be the exact opposite of my mom. But there’s one person who landed beneath my skin and tore down my tough exterior. He’s the only guy who might make me rethink my stance on relationships and men.
He’s also the one guy I can’t have …
My best friend’s older brother.
My life is hockey. Everything else comes second. It’s always been about the end-goal. I have a summer to train and stay focused before I head to the professional league. It shouldn’t be a problem. That is, until she needs my help.
My little sister’s best friend.
I’ve known her forever. And it hasn’t escaped my notice that she’s looking more like a woman and less like the little girl I grew up with these days. My first mistake is offering her a place to stay. My one-bedroom apartment suddenly feels much smaller with her in the space. And the more time we spend together, the less I can ignore her long, shapely legs, those full, pouty lips, or the way her stare lingers on me when I’m in the room. I keep telling myself the same thing …
I can’t want her.
I can’t have her.
But in the end … I can’t look away.

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