The Right Way to Wrong by Ashlynn Mills (ePUB)

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The Right Way to Wrong (Virtuous Sinners) by Ashlynn Mills – Free eBooks Download


What happens when your delusions become your reality and the monsters are no longer only in your head?

Trying to escape his traumatic past, Callum leaves the life he once knew behind. A change of scenery. A new job. Different friends. He’s moving forward, and breaking free of the haunting memories by replacing them with new ones.
But an unfortunate encounter with a stranger brings everything back to the surface.
Slipping into his delusions he loses all hope. Until he crosses paths with a beautiful man he can’t keep his eyes or hands off of. Everytime they’re together, he’s free. As much as he should stay away, he can’t. Willow is the sweetest air. What happens when Callum takes too much?

Sick. Worthless. Freak. Broken.
Willow has heard them all. Getting lost in a different stranger every night isn’t enough anymore. The drugs wear off and he’s back to the life he aimed to forget. He’s tired, broke and exhausted. He moved to this town without so much a penny to his name for a man who discarded him like yesterday’s trash.
There are things Willow craves. Like the mysterious man with the broken past. He shouldn’t want him. But Callum is the Daddy he didn’t know he needed. He brings him the perfect balance; pleasure and beautiful pain.
Callum has secrets and demons of his own. What happens when Willow can’t help him silence them anymore?

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