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The Remake (Second Chance Flower Shop #4) by Noelle Adams – Free eBooks Download


All her life, Belinda Phillips has been hard-working. Reliable. Organized. Kind of bossy. She’s always been good at getting things done—everything except relationships.

Maybe it’s just the season turning her thoughts to romance, but she’s discovered that’s what she wants. A relationship. With a man. In particular with a cute new guy in town. And despite an abundance of work and life skills, she has no idea how to go about getting him to ask her out.

So she turns to her sister and friends for help. Unfortunately their help brings her private mission to the attention of the most obnoxious man in the world.

Fitz might have had a family and career in his former life, but he gave all that up long ago to make deliveries for the flower shop and otherwise lounge around doing nothing. He’s unkempt and bearded and grumpy and reclusive. He has no ambition for anything except snide comments and getting in her way.

Belinda doesn’t like him. At all. In fact, she can barely tolerate him. Which is why it’s so confusing that she can’t stop thinking about him—and wondering what might be revealed if Fitz could ever shed all his protective layers.

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