The Reeling by L. Miles (ePUB)

reeling, l miles

The Reeling (Quorum Duet #1) by L. Miles – Free eBooks Download


I’m Saige Kinley, and these men will do absolutely everything to possess me, whether I’m ready or not.
Somehow I’ve caught the attention of the most powerful immortals in the country. Once as close as brothers, they now rule separately. Their animosity is infamous.
Fresh out of university, I thought I would build a simple life, starting with my cubicle translating job. But nope. I found myself thrust into a world of diplomacy and crime, a world where the three most dangerous men have eyes for only me.
Who are they? These men are human… but not exactly. Their centuries of monotony are broken by my presence, and they easily fixate on me.
How can they want me so quickly and completely? We’re toxic and twisted, and my instincts are screaming at me to run. But they insert their way into my life, into my body, until I can’t tear myself away. This codependency can’t be love, right?
These immortals push my limits to the max, I only hope I don’t lose myself in the process.

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