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Piper Anderson has just landed the biggest listing of her real estate career, a high-end property in West Vancouver. This is what she’s been working towards, sacrificing weekends and evenings and basically her life for the chance to make enough money to send her sister back to school — she still feels guilty that Leighton dropped out of university to care for her when she got sick and she wants to make sure her sister gets back on track.
Everything is looking up, except for one tiny, horrible detail: That high end property? The biggest listing of her entire career? It turns out that Piper has to co-list with Aiden Miller, the insufferable, unbearable, infuriating realtor who stole her very first client and sent her confidence into a tailspin.
Piper is not as naïve as she was two years ago, however, and she plans to show Aiden that she’s no longer someone to be messed with — they might have to work together, but she’s the real boss. And this time, she’s going to make sure that she comes out on top. Because this time, she won’t make the mistake of falling for him.

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