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The Publicity Stunt by Logan Gray – Free eBooks Download


Bri Waters, an international superstar, finds out with the rest of the world her boyfriend is cheating on her two weeks before she’s set to go on tour. Breaking up with Easton Duffy doesn’t break her heart, but did he really have to embarrass her right before her tour?
Kace Lyons plays for the Moose Jaw Bootleggers NHL team, and he plans to propose to his girlfriend at the Bri Waters concert. Except he goes to the concert with one of his best friends instead of his now-ex-girlfriend after finding out she cheated on him with his former best friend and teammate, Rudy Marshall.
When the media sees Kace at Bri’s concert, the rumor mill starts buzzing. Their PR teams think this is a perfect opportunity. It’ll help take the narrative away from Bri’s ex, and for Kace, he can get revenge. His ex’s favorite artist is none other than Bri Waters.
They decide to give it a shot, and the fake relationship turns into a real one. At least, until Rudy gives an interview and says the relationship is nothing more than a publicity stunt after finding out the truth from Kace’s best friend.

A devastated Bri dumps Kace, and Kace quickly becomes the most hated man in the country. He’s benched as death threats pour in, and his dream of winning the Stanley Cup is compromised. His world crumbles at his feet. Can he find a way to make Bri see it wasn’t just a publicity stunt?

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