The Protective Gryphen by Morgan Kelley (ePUB)

protective gryphen, morgan kelley

The Protective Gryphen (The Ravensmire Chronicles #1) by Morgan Kelley – Free eBooks Download


What happens when two broken souls come to Ravensmire Castle on vacation?
They are healed.
Oh, but it’s never an easy journey. To find one’s soulmate, one has to have trust, and never doubt that they are worthy.
For Gryphen Carter, he’s a hero. He’s fought in wars, and he’s lost his leg for the honor of his country. Only, he lost more than that.
He’s lost his way.
For Ian Patterson, on the outside, he had it all. He protected the president, he works for the FBI and Elizabeth Blackhawk, but he’s empty inside.
He’s broken.
Coming to Ravensmire will heal them both, and in the process, they’ll find who they really are, and the freedom to be themselves.
And in love.
While there, the mystery of Ravensmire Castle will start to unfold, and the truth will come out. This isn’t just some castle in Scotland. It has a history that explains it all.

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