The Promise Of You by Bella Rivers (ePUB)

promise of you, bella rivers

The Promise Of You by Bella Rivers – Free eBooks Download


We had a deal: One night, no names, no numbers

He’s Emerald Creek’s hot, wounded, and emotionally unavailable pub owner. My unforgettable one-night-stand with a stranger. And now, my business rival.
I should be able to handle that, right?
After all, I’m the strong woman who totally survived losing her job, being kicked out of her apartment, and finding her boyfriend in bed with another woman–all in one day.
What else could go wrong?
Meeting the perfect man, and having to walk away from him.
I keep my promise and slip out in the morning, never to see him again–until my cousins beg me to run their family’s restaurant after my uncle suddenly dies, and he’s the next-door pub owner.
Except now he inexplicably hates me, and wants me gone.
But this job is all I have.
I’m not going anywhere.

I know trouble when I see it. And I saw her: smart, sexy, and beautiful-–the worst kind of trouble.
The mysterious woman I cradled through the night could have been the one, if I were that type of guy. The one I could change for. But I like it fine just the way I am. So when morning comes and she’s gone, I’m both devastated and relieved.
Until she appears in my hometown, on my doorstep, causing trouble to my business. She doesn’t seem to know it, but there’s literal bad blood between our families. I need her gone.
But everyone in Emerald Creek thinks differently, and even my dog plays matchmaker.
Falling for the enemy has never been so tempting.

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