The Prodigal’s Promise of Love by Olivia Haywood (ePUB)

prodigal's promise, olivia haywood

The Prodigal’s Promise of Love by Olivia Haywood – Free eBooks Download


He is the prodigal son, and she promised to bring him back. They never imagined God’s plan for them was an unexpected and fierce love, but it’s a risk worth fighting for! Cora, a devoted woman of faith, receives a poignant request from her dying pastor – to find his long-lost son. She can’t ignore his last wish, so even though she isn’t fond of his prodigal son, she sets out on a journey that will not only lead her to him but also to an unexpected love that catches her completely off guard. Will Cora’s determination and compassion be enough to help Roy find his way back to God? Having distanced himself from God and his father due to past mistakes, Roy now lives as a bitter and guarded man, seeking purpose as a ranch hand. When Cora seeks him out, a tense encounter ensues, but fate has other plans. As their paths intertwine, Cora’s unwavering faith and kindness slowly break down Roy’s walls, revealing the potential for healing and love in their lives. Can he rediscover God’s purpose amidst his brokenness? While Cora and Roy navigate God’s path, a man determined to exploit the pastor’s passing for his selfish gain threatens to shatter their newfound bond. Can love and forgiveness triumph over adversity, binding their souls together in divine?

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