The Price We Pay by Auryn Hadley (ePUB)

price we pay, auryn hadley

The Price We Pay (The Path of Temptation #1) by Auryn Hadley – Free eBooks Download


Everyone wants to give in to temptation, but no one wants to pay the price.

I was a child when my father surrendered me to the Temple of All Gods. No one gave me a choice. No one even bothered to explain. I was simply tossed aside, unwanted.
That was the day the God of Temptation claimed me as his.
Now, I’m studying how to become the perfect priestess. Life in the temple means embracing my emotions and learning to harness each type of desire. Power, fear, lust, and rage are the most common, but not the only ones. Each has a power. Each has its place. I just have to figure out which kind of priestess I’ll become.

Before I decide, I have questions – yet no one seems willing to give me answers. My only option is to leave it in my god’s hands. This won’t be easy, and my instructors think I’m a fool, but Temptation has been listening. Asking. Offering it all.
In exchange, he intends to use me.
I have demands. The priest and priestess who took me in have become my family. The guys? They taught me to love. How am I supposed to give this up? Why should I? Not even a god can make me walk away from them! All I have to do is stand my ground.

In this temple, there’s always a temptation.
The question is if I’m stubborn enough to resist…
Or brave enough to pay a god’s price.

Possible Triggers: Discussions of rape and assault, domestic violence, minor bullying, harassment, consensual pain and battery. Minor violence.

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