The Price Of A Heartbeat by Evelyn O. Grace (ePUB)

price of heartbeat, evelyn o grace

The Price Of A Heartbeat by Evelyn O. Grace – Free eBooks Download


One kiss stole her innocence, one truth stole her future.

Skye Coleman could write a hundred hate poems about Dax Blackwood, the infuriatingly charming king of Rosedale Academy. They were oil and water, fire and ice – the only sparks they ever flew were ignited by his relentless teasing. She loathed him… until the night a stolen kiss in a crowded nightclub rewrote her entire narrative.

Despite her supposed hatred for Dax, Skye secretly loves the kiss because she harbors hidden feelings for him. But the repercussions of the scandalous kiss are anything but favorable as Skye loses her best friend and becomes the target of gossip.
For Dax, the stolen kiss sparks something new within him. He recognizes that he has genuine affection for Skye, unlike the countless girls he’s broken hearts with in the past. Determined to win her over, Dax refuses to give up easily, pushing himself to up his game every time Skye pushes him away.
Caught between her secret attraction and open disdain for Dax, Skye can’t resist his allure. His captivating dark blue eyes draw her in, even as she remains the introverted, awkward bookworm. She’s read the stories of bad boys winning over shy girls like herself, and she yearns to prove the doubters wrong. However, just as she prepares to confess her feelings, a shocking plot twist is revealed—one that has the power to shatter their worlds forever.
In a daring move, Skye resolves to bridge the gap between her fictionalized world and reality. But as she contemplates a forbidden kiss that could heal their fractured hearts, Skye questions if she’s prepared to take the risk. Can she trust Dax not to break her heart like he has done to countless others? Can they defy destiny or are they forever bound by the forbidden price of a stolen heartbeat?

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