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president's assistant, mia faye

The President’s Assistant by Mia Faye – Free eBooks Download


“I’m not kind and I don’t care, I’m in this to win. I’ve just started gathering my ducks for a presidential campaign. This is our end goal, if you can help me get there, I promise there will be a nice tidy prize at the finish line. But you are going to sweat blood for me.”
Washington, we have a problem here.
It is called Reid Prentice.
The irresistibly handsome last-minute candidate who runs for presidency.
He’s looking for a new assistant to support his campaign.
I’m ready to notch up my political career.
Sounds like a win-win situation, right?
Yet Reid isn’t your ordinary prince from a fairytale.
His arrogance is off the charts and he can be cold and demanding.
At the same time, I’ve never felt more alive and excited to be around a man.
Soon enough, he asks me to stay in his office.
Seems like he wants to mentor me not only in politics, but also biology.
A few weeks later, the two lines on my pregnancy test make my world turn upside down.
Is now a good time to let the potential future leader of our country know that I’m carrying his unexpected surprise?

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