The Power of Fate by Alison E. Steuart (ePUB)

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The Power of Fate (Souls Reunited #2) by Alison E. Steuart – Free eBooks Download


As the daughter of a duke, society expects me to fit into their mold of a proper young lady. No one knows I’d rather be racing my horse, Willow, through the forest trails than attend another fancy ball. I’ve always been more at ease while in the company of nature, which is why I didn’t want to leave the conservatory that fateful night.
If I had gone back to the ballroom, I would have never happened upon him. But I found him and my eyes would not let me look away. I thought I was hidden, but he knew I was there.
Now, the control I thought I had over my own destiny is gone. But I discover that my destiny was never mine to control – fate had already determined it for me.

As a captain in the Royal Navy and the future Earl of Galloway, I’ve lived an exciting life of privilege and adventure. I’ve been content traveling the world, avoiding the monotony of London society. But there are times it can’t be avoided.
I felt her presence before I could see her. I could sense her fascination, her desire. Then I saw her, and my heart raced with an excitement I have never known.
She shouldn’t have been there. As a proper lady, she should have never left the crowded ballroom. But fate puts us where we need to be and for that, I am eternally grateful.

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