The Playboy Prince’s Baby by Layla Valentine (ePUB)

playboy prince's baby, ana sparks

The Playboy Prince’s Baby (Royal Heat #4) by Ana Sparks, Layla Valentine – Free eBooks Download


I may be a prince, but my life’s no fairy tale—I’ve been banned from over a dozen countries thanks to my wild lifestyle.
Jet-setting the globe in search of trouble has done nothing to fill the hole in my heart… until I end up in Chicago, stumble into a dive bar, and meet a woman like no other.

Erika is the beautiful bartender I never knew I was looking for. She takes me on an impromptu tour of her city, intent on making me fall in love with the place… but I can’t take my eyes off of the enchanting tour guide herself. At the very moment I realize that I don’t want our weekend fling to end, my past catches up with me in the worst possible way, and I’m arrested and deported back to my home country, thousands of miles away!

They tell me I’m barred from entering the United States again, but when all that’s waiting for me at home is the looming threat of a marriage to a woman I’ve never met, a little thing like the law isn’t going to stop me from seeing my Erika. So I make the journey to see her in secret, risking it all. And what I find awaiting me blows me away.
She’s pregnant.
With our royal baby…

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