The Pain We Allow by S.K. Presley (ePUB)

pain we allow, sk presley

The Pain We Allow (A Billionaire’s Assurance #2) by S.K. Presley – Free eBooks Download


Accidents, Secrets, Lies, and Betrayal

What is any relationship without trust? The harder you fight to hang on is when you lose your grip on reality the most. As Olivia and Colin entwine deeper into each other’s lives, the threat of their past pays a visit to them both.
Determined to fulfill her end of the contract, Olivia complies with Colin’s demands, but didn’t expect love to end up being a part of their deal. Soon, her emotions take a front seat and she finds it increasingly harder to maintain her secrets as she struggles to navigate her new lavish lifestyle.
After a enduring a stunning betrayal, Olivia’s sadness mounts as she has her hands full with her new reality that seems to include seclusion, a lack of privacy, a dangerous side of Colin to explore, and an ex-client who has become her greatest fan.
Not to mention, Colin has been more demanding of her, and she struggles to come to terms with the fact that another identity she can claim is that of a masochist with urges that are wilder and deeper than even she knew. And as she begins to spiral, Colin truly begins to unleash his sadistic side he’d kept reigned in. Hoping to open her up to their new world.
And as they fall deeper into each other and their truths, they realize…
There’s a lie that needs addressing, pasts that need reckoning, and a Judge who demands justice.

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