The Outlaw’s Hidden Heartache by Elaine Shields (ePUB)

outlaw's heartache, elaine shields

The Outlaw’s Hidden Heartache by Elaine Shields – Free eBooks Download


Cora May MacKenzie finds herself at a crossroads, her life thrown into turmoil by her father’s misfortune at the hands of a marauding gang. With constant movement marking her days and the specter of her father’s dealings ever-present, Cora clings to the hope of a stable future, pressured by her father to find solace in marriage and a “normal life.” Unbeknownst to her, her journey toward love and happiness will be shaped by a man whose troubled past holds the key to her heart…
Will Cora’s pursuit of stability lead her to the happiness she longs for?

Jake Cooper, a man with a troubled past, grapples with the prospect of redemption after falling in with a rebellious gang and estranging himself from his family. Seeking a fresh start in the quiet town of Boxville, Jake contemplates the possibility of finding love amidst the simplicity of small-town life. Nevertheless, fortune intervenes, bringing him into an unexpected encounter with Cora.
Will Jake’s troubled history intersect with Cora’s search for stability, or will the secrets they both carry drive them apart?

As echoes from the past resurface, the sudden reappearance of the gang shatters the tranquility of Cora and Jake’s world. Intercepting intimate correspondence between Cora and her father, the gang unearths secrets that could jeopardize the fragile peace they’ve found. With Jake’s murky past as a former gang member coming to light, their love faces its toughest challenge yet. Can they endure the unforgiving landscapes of the Wild West, or will encroaching dangers rend them asunder?

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