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The Other Daddy (Matchmakers #3) by Jason Collins – Free eBooks Download



Romance is my job, but nothing prepared me for Adrian.
When I developed the dating app Matched, I didn’t do it to meet men—especially since I’m straight. But when my sister sets me up on a blind date and I mistake Adrian for a woman’s name, I meet a guy who changes everything I know about myself. I land a second date, and the more we talk, the more I want to know him and his young son. If only it were that simple.
Adrian adopted his son with his late husband, and losing a partner is no easier than being a single dad. He thinks I can’t handle him, and the more I try to prove him wrong, the more determined he is to be right. He’s not just a friend with benefits to me, but it’ll take something special to prove it.
He’s the first and only man I want.


He’s handsome, he’s an incredible kisser, and he’s straight.
Blind dates have never been for me, and when Cade shows up expecting a woman, I write off the night as a bust—until we share a first kiss I’ll never forget. He doesn’t care that I’m a man, and he’s not scared off when he finds out I have a son. I worry he’s too good to be true. Then I get a wakeup call that brings me back to reality.
When my son ends up in the hospital, I’m reminded what my priorities are. Even if Cade has realized he’s into men, that doesn’t mean he’s ready to raise a kid with one. I can’t make the wrong choice. It doesn’t matter how much he’s there for us, or how much my son likes him—or how hard I’m falling for him.
My son can’t lose his dad twice.

This is the third book in the Matchmakers series. It can be read as a standalone with no cliffhanger.

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