The Orc Blacksmith’s Bride by K.L. Wyatt (ePUB)

orc blacksmith's bride, kl wyatt

The Orc Blacksmith’s Bride (Orc Outcasts #2) by K.L. Wyatt – Free eBooks Download


When Ivy’s father is killed suddenly, she’s left with no choice but to move in with her drunkard uncle. Living with him soon becomes unbearable, and Ivy longs for her freedom. That desperation sends her straight into the arms of a con man. His promises of love are worthless. Leaving with not only her coin but her maidenhood as well.

Ivy, now scorned by her community, is left once again at the mercy of her cruel uncle.
Four years later, Ivy is resigned to her callous fate as she and her uncle are forced to live on the outskirts of their village. With their new home being dangerously close to the forbidden swamplands, it’s no surprise when Ivy comes face-to-face with one of the feared creatures who call the swamplands home: an orc. Instead of being met with inhuman brutishness, this orc demands she be his bride and promises the only thing he wishes to lay to claim is her heart.
Evrin usually sticks to the swamplands. He only travels to the outskirts of his sanctuary for the routine task of retrieving precious metals. The errand is as boring as it is customary. When he stumbles upon a human female picking berries, he can’t believe his luck or the rampant, primal need urging him to claim the curvy red-headed beauty.
Outcasted from his clan like all other unmated males, Evrin may only return if he brings back a wedded and bedded bride. Curious about his soon-to-be-bride, he is content to observe her from afar and wait for the right time to claim her. That is until he watches her slip into a white gown and fears the worst has happened. Unable to let someone else make off with his bride, he captures her without a second thought. Evrin vows to keep her safe and to make her his even as she fights against him.
However, as their connection soon becomes undeniable, Ivy realizes there is more to this creature who stole her than meets the eye. Will Ivy allow herself to succumb to their mutual desire? Or will the scars of her past prevent her from ever trusting her heart again?

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