The Ones That Write Themselves by Sydney Bolen (ePUB)

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The Ones That Write Themselves by Sydney Bolen – Free eBooks Download


Laurel Cole loves her life just as it is, thank you very much.

Every day, she leaves her 1970s-style bungalow in the Hollywood Hills and commutes through the sun-kissed canyons to her job at a record company, which she loves. Despite her best friend’s gentle prodding and not-so-subtle matchmaking attempts, she has never met someone who makes her want to jeopardize the life she has built on her own.
That is until her boss hands her an unexpected business trip to Ireland. On her first night in town, the band she’s there to see introduces her to a charismatic busker with an easily-earned grin and a playful glint in his eye, who may just be the man she’s been waiting for.
If only he didn’t live 5,157 miles away. Talk about a deal breaker.
As the quickly shrinking countdown to her flight home begins to emphasize the ever-growing pull of her heart, Laurel must decide if the difference between contentment and happiness is worth letting love change her life.

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