THE ONE…That Got Away by Amari Nylix (ePUB)

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THE ONE…That Got Away (Austin Heat #2) by Amari Nylix – Free eBooks Download


Cold showers are required for this steamy series…after all, it gets hot in Texas!
The second installment in Amari Nylix’s addictive new series, Austin Heat: The One That Got Away, will make you laugh out loud, gasp, and shake your head while you find yourself rooting for Jake and Rakell. See Dwayne and Jake on the football field and dig deeper into Matt’s journey as more of their stories come to life in this series.
In book one, rising NFL superstar Jake “pretty boy” Skyler meets his match in saucy-mouthed Rakell McCarthy. Both are desperate to recreate themselves, each wanting not to be defined by their intense and consuming professions. Jake is looking for that girl, not the starlets and cheerleaders he’s dated since joining the NFL. Rakell is trying to figure out who she is when not playing up to her billionaire clients. In the rare moments when they let their defenses down, they can’t deny that it’s more than just a physical connection between them.
The Condors are in the spotlight as Jake, Dwayne and the rest of the team begin their highly anticipated season. The sports world is abuzz as Jake Skyler steps up to lead the Sacramento Condors. Rakell sees a clear path out of the escort business as more modeling opportunities emerge and her pursuit of acting seems within reach.
Facades are peeled away, and truths surface as Jake and Rakell must decide what is more important—protecting their secrets or giving into that Austin Heat.

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