The One Next Door by Amelia Mae (ePUB)

one next door, amelia mae

The One Next Door (The Brothers Kane #2) by Amelia Mae – Free eBooks Download


Everything about this place is broken. The fireplace, the walls, the cupboards… me. But the gorgeous man next door says he’s good with his hands. Maybe he can fix it?

The new house has peeling paint. And cracks in the wall. And boxes I can’t make myself unpack.
Worst of all, it doesn’t feel like home.
The only thing good about it is the hot guy next door.
He tells me he’s not into relationships. He can’t be the man I need in my life. He’s only good for… a good time.
And maybe I am too.
We promise each other it’s only going to happen once.
But we both know once isn’t going to be enough.
To my surprise, he offers to work on the place. To give my son and me a beautiful house.
And having him around makes it feel like a home.
Little by little, Carter Kane is fixing the everything broken in my life.
How do I convince him that he deserves to be in it?

I’ve said it a million times. I’m fun. Not forever.
So when a beautiful woman moves in next door, I have to wonder if she’s looking for a good time.
I know I am.
Until her son shows up.
Which means I need to back off.
Kids get attached. Kids expect things from you.
And Zoe Laster needs more than I can give her.
All I can do is build walls and fix water heaters. I build houses. I don’t make homes.
But every time I head back to my own place, the rooms are just too quiet.
There’s one one wall keeping me from the girl next doorr.
Maybe it’s time it came down.

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