The Omega Thief by Victoria Sue (ePUB)

omega thief, victoria sue

The Omega Thief (Wolves of the Five Kingdoms #1) by Victoria Sue – Free eBooks Download


Sometimes being a crown prince was incredible, and sometimes you were just royally screwed.
The Fenrir shifters had ruled Cadmeera successfully for thousands of years and Crown Prince Raz’mar Kinsharae was determined his reign would be as successful as his father’s.

Unfortunately, no king could be crowned without bonding with an omega consort, an ancient magical ritual that had to take place first, and so far none of the omegas put forward were his bond mate.
The Anti-Shifter Alliance had gone from annoying protestors to cold-blooded murderers in the blink of an eye, and on top of that a human petty thief had been arrested and was demanding a royal hearing.

Raz wasn’t sure his day could get any worse.
Raz was about to be proved wrong.

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