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The Omega Princess by Jove Chambers – Free eBooks Download


The Crown… with knotting.

In Eleri Cardiff’s world, only titled royalty have alpha and omega bloodlines, so she’s never considered the possibility she could be an omega. Of course, she’s always been different.
When she sees Prince Devlin Byrne at an event while she’s circulating trays of canapes amongst the people of the upper crust, something happens. She feels it, and then the prince corners her and put his nose to her neck and runs his thick, strong fingers all over her jaw and shoulders.
The prince is insistent. He has to have her, she’s his mate, and she belongs at his side as his omega princess.
She’s dazzled. For the first time ever, she feels as though she’s not weird and wrong, that she actually fits somewhere, that she belongs. She and the prince have an unfathomable connection, like nothing she’s ever experienced.
Until she does experience it again. With her bodyguard. With the prince’s best friend. With the prince’s worst enemy.
Her life is just finally getting good. She can’t ruin it now, but this attraction she feels to these other men… it’s impossible to ignore.

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