The Omega Archives, Part One by Aura Riley (ePUB)

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The Omega Archives, Part One (The Omega Archives #1) by Aura Riley – Free eBooks Download


Ella Jones only wants one thing, to keep her secret no matter the cost. For the past seven years after running away from home, she was able to manage it. She kept herself in the clear on her suppressants, no matter how they drained her bank account. She found a job she was good at working in the Prestford University library archives. She even made a friend who is the only person left in the world who knows what she’s really hiding.
Ella is an omega, and no matter what the romance novels say, she knows it only means one thing. Danger.
One slip-up, and everything comes crashing down, and it doesn’t help that there’s a pack of stunning men breathing down her un-bonded neck. They may want to love and cherish her the way an omega is meant to be, but she knows that it is too good to be true.
She wants to trust them. She wants to believe love like this exists, but Ella already knows that some things aren’t meant to last forever.
Not falling in love.
And certainly not keeping the past from catching up to her.

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