The Nerd & the Ex-Con by Sage Abbott (ePUB)

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The Nerd & the Ex-Con by Sage Abbott – Free eBooks Download


I catfished my best friend’s Dad in prison.
But he’ll never know, right?

For almost a decade, I’ve been the secret pen pal of a convict.
My best friend’s father.
All I wanted was to help bridge the gap between father and son.
But the innocent act soon turns into more.
Through our letters I am able to be the brave, confident guy I am in fact, not.
So what if I fibbed a little when I sent him a false photograph of me? And reinvented myself in those letters?
Afterall, what’s the harm when Griff will never be released from prison?

I spent two decades behind bars, but nothing could have prepared me for Scott.
When I get out on parole, I find the little liar is nothing like he portrayed.
But I’m not mad.
I prefer the hot, stuttering, mess that he is.
Beneath the glasses, braces, and fun size package, he is far from tame when it counts.
I just have one problem.
My relationship with Scottie might thwart my reconciliation with my son.
But how can I choose between them?
One’s my flesh and blood. The other is my heart and soul.

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