The Mountain Man’s Second Chance by Abby Graylove (ePUB)

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The Mountain Man’s Second Chance (Love in the Mountains #1) by Abby Graylove – Free eBooks Download


He’s the handsome mountain man of her dreams—but he’s also someone from her past.

There are plenty of unexpected things in life.
Crashing your car in a blizzard is one.
Finding yourself stranded in a remote cabin is another.
But discovering that the gorgeous mountain man who rescued you from the snow isn’t a stranger—he’s your first love? That one takes the cake.
After Logan left me, I thought we were done for good. Now, I’m in his cabin—and in his arms—and I’m realizing that there is more to our story than the past.
I want a future with him, too.
I can’t let myself fall in love with Logan again. But it’s happening anyway.

I was happy in my solitude—until Evie showed up.
She’s just as much of a handful as I remember, with curves that make my mouth water. I want to do sinful things to her body.
But when I look into her eyes, I remember why I had to let her go. I can’t drag her into this life with me.
We’re stuck together in this blizzard, though, and I have no idea how I am going to make it through.

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