The Mountain Man With Babies by Autumn Summers (ePUB)

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The Mountain Man With Babies (Olympus Mountain Man #6) by Autumn Summers – Free eBooks Download


Usually, getting drunk comes with its fair share of mistakes but this time, Leyla got lucky because her decision to have too much to drink literally brought her to Jaden’s backyard.
But Leyla didn’t just stumble into Jaden’s backyard – she stumbled upon three little babies crying their heads off.
What kind of parent just leaves their kids outside, unattended? she had thought.
But Jaden was just a dad trying to do his best for his boys and finding it hard to do so. He could only do so much on his own. That’s when Leyla stepped into his life. Without a doubt, she was the angel he had been waiting for.
But would Leyla leave her corporate success behind to help a stranger, albeit a very handsome one? Would her affection for kids extend to the children of a mountain man who can never leave? Or would she take the first chance to call search and rescue and leave Jaden to raise his boys all on his own?

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