The Monster’s Mate by Rena Marks (ePUB)

monster's mate, rena marks

The Monster’s Mate (The Match Program #8) by Rena Marks – Free eBooks Download


A woman in hiding. An alien who wants to protect her.

I’m not qualified to enter the Match Program, where I would be mated with an alien. But my best friend—well, my only friend—left for their planet Pimeon and chose to stay.
Chose to have the tentacled leader’s babies.
When she comes back to Earth to visit, I meet her brother-in-law, Skiden, and he’s amazing. Funny and charming, and an wonderful secret lover. Suddenly, I want to go too. But I can’t enter the Match, because doing so unveils my name. My address. My… everything. What happens if I don’t get picked immediately?
Why, I’m found. By the devil himself, I’m found.

Trigger Warning: Violence

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