The Midnight Prize by Lawrence Hall (ePUB)

midnight prize, lawrence hall

The Midnight Prize (Midnight #1) by Lawrence Hall – Free eBooks Download


A woman will take your legs.

Everyone knows it, it’s the first rule in the fight game. Hell, it’s ingrained in every man, no matter their profession. My profession is street fighter, so I don’t do relationships. I can’t. Still, it doesn’t mean I don’t have the occasional itch to scratch.
You can blame it on my male ego. Or blame it on blind arrogance. I don’t care what you blame it on, the fact is up until that night, I was undefeated. In love and in The Pit. So, it didn’t take much for me to convince myself that I could have both the win tonight, and the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen.
To play the numbers, I swiped on a lot of profiles. But Ariana’s was different. Her profile made me swipe right. And, now I’m on my back waiting on the final blow. Was it the worst decision I ever made? I’m uncertain, but there’s one thing I am certain of. Chasing the midnight prize made me fall in the streets and in love.

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