The Married Alpha And His Arrow, Vol. 2 by Amanda K (ePUB)

married alpha, amanda k

The Married Alpha And His Arrow, Vol. 2 (Ribbon #6) by Amanda K – Free eBooks Download


We continue our Journey with Lexi and Chase where Lexi’s estranged family is making moves. Everyone knows Chase’s secret except her. She’s

desperate to keep it that way. Clinging to the safety of the cocoon they’ve created, where the outside world and the truth can’t get to her.

The thing about the truth is, it doesn’t always stay hidden like you want it to. Everything comes crashing down around them, shattering Lexi, Chase, Heath, Haley, Eric, and everyone else in their wake. There are only two reasons she stays sane. Reasons Chase doesn’t know.

Chaos and danger surround Lexi as everything closes in. When an attempt is made on Chase’s life, Lexi has to admit that their plan isn’t working and they need to reassess. Her mother’s killer is closer than ever, and her ex is circling with him. Can Lexi and Chase survive together? Or is history doomed to repeat itself?

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  • The Married Alpha And His Arrow, Vol. 2 – Amanda K ePUB



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