The Married Alpha And His Arrow, Vol. 1 by Amanda K (ePUB)

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The Married Alpha And His Arrow, Vol. 1 (Ribbon #5) by Amanda K – Free eBooks Download


Follow two points of view in this novel, from each of the main characters, in the second installment of “The Ribbon Series.”

Lexi Scott is Royalty amongst the Hood, a supernatural race that no one has heard of. They are very fast and trained to be deadly. An elite member of her community, she has a moniker she performs her missions in. She’s the Black Arrow. When she came back to town she connected with her friend Haley Conners.
Haley encourages Lexi to start her own business and have something for herself, and not just her brother, the leader of the Hood. She’s lost at the game of love once already and knows she won’t survive another heartbreak. When it turned out her ex boyfriend was not only not her string, but a liar, she felt the sting of his betrayal. Rather than confront him she’s kept her distance in the 3 years since. Now, she’s back in town and staying for Haley, her brother, and her friends.
Alpha Chase Daniels is a werewolf. He’s made a name for himself in the supernatural community as a fair man. Feeling judged at every turn for a decision he made when he was eighteen, he is caught in a difficult position. Having married his childhood friend so that she was able to lead her pack, he is now stuck in the marriage that was never more than a piece of paper. Alpha Sophia is dragging her feet, and he finds himself caught up in a situation he never considered.

Alpha Chase scents his mate and embarks on a tumultuous journey to resolve his situation with Sophia and give the world to Lexi. Terrified she’ll abandon him, he tries to stay away from her in hopes of figuring things out, it’s clear life doesn’t always go to plan.

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