The Man with the Capricorn Tattoo by Lydia Thorn (ePUB)

man with capricorn, lydia thorn

The Man with the Capricorn Tattoo (Under the Skin #1) by Lydia Thorn – Free eBooks Download


I’m a NEET
No Education
No Employment
No Training
I’m also an omega but hardly the small cute type
I wake up and eat, watch TV, play some games, and then go to bed… oh yeah, add secretly salivating over my new sexy next-door neighbor.
He’s an alpha with strange tattoo on his back who rides a motorcycle. He’s fit, and strong, and everything I’m not. I can only talk to him in my dreams, and it would take a miracle for him to even look my way.
No one looks my way.
If anyone told me we would be roommates, sharing my bath, and my bed, they would have to convince me I didn’t die and go to heaven.

I love small towns. The air quality is good, the people are decent but nosy, and the food is excellent. It’s far better than the hustle of the big city and air pollution.
My friends may not understand why I would leave behind the world of modeling to open up a pottery studio in the butt crack of no where’s ville. But to me, my dream was coming true. However, small towns can be a double-edge sword, and after saving some omega recluse ten years my junior from a gang of bullies. I end up kicked out of my apartment for attacking the Sheriff’s son.
With nowhere to go, the least this would be victim can do is let me crash at his place until I get on my feet and get the Sherriff off my back.Who knew I would fall for this shy, damaged soul whose heart was as fluffy as his body? Perhaps his soul matches mine. Together we can heal each other’s wounds. If only our destructive pasts can let us go.Is it possible for two lost souls to find one another and their happily ever after?

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