The Mafia by Kylar Wilde (ePUB)

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The Mafia (Angels in White #1) by Kylar Wilde – Free eBooks Download


Lex walks into the hospital every day not knowing what’s going to happen. She has accepted it by now, but she knows that it’s her job to protect her patients to the best of her abilities, no matter what happens.
So when she’s kidnapped in the middle of surgery, she’s left scrambling to try to keep her patient alive and find out what’s going on. She has no allies, only enemies, as she’s caught up in a plan that’s so much bigger than she is. Political ties, broken alliances, and deadly secrets erupted and somehow trapped her in the middle of all of it. It seems hopeless, and her patient is slipping away right in front of her.
Until she finds her saving grace. She recognizes her kidnapper as Philip Bowers, her old high school study buddy, friend, and crush. They spend a tense night trying to figure out what forces in life drove them apart and what circumstances have brought them together.
And by the end of the night, Lex finds someone to watch her back as she fights her way out.

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