The Love Penalty by Katy Archer (ePUB)

love penalty, katy archer

The Love Penalty (Nolan U Hockey #4) by Katy Archer – Free eBooks Download


To him, she’s an uptight Shrutebag. To her, he’s a lumpatious A-hole. This college hockey star and this A+ student can’t stand each other. So why can neither of them stop thinking about the searing kiss they never meant to share?
There’s no way I’m falling for a chick like Leilani. Ugh, dating her would be like spending an entire game in the sin bin. I don’t care if her lips are an addictive oasis that I want to dive straight back into. She’s a she-devil and I won’t succumb to the wicked spells she’s casting on me.
Except that I can’t help myself.
Why did I engage? Why did I have to start the conversation and find out how much we have in common?
If I let her in, will she the real me that nobody else knows?
But I can’t go there…

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