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lost omega, laura rush

The Lost Omega by Laura Rush – Free eBooks Download


Sometimes you think you want to disappear, when really all you want is to be found.

Fated mates…

I grew up being told tale after tale of finding the other half to your soul, the one who will protect and love you unconditionally, until the very end.
But what we weren’t told was who our fated mate is. That’s the surprise part.
Fast forward in time…
My parents died in a car crash leaving me an orphan, alone and scared for years.
When attack happens on the pack lands and my only friend in this hell hole is kidnapped, I decide to go on the run. I‘ll become the one thing no wolf wants to be, the one thing I thought I’d never be,
A Rogue.
In the blazing heat of the fight, I abandon my abusive pack in search for my best friend Lola.
So, you can imagine how freaked out I was when I stumbled into the pack boarders of the ruthless killer pack, The Blood Moon.
Lead by the one and only Alpha Asher, but that’s not the only part I’m freaking out over, he has Lola and it turns out The Moon Goddess isn’t finished punishing me yet. When I meet his dark murderous eyes, I know I’m done for…
Hello my
Fated mate.

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