The Lookback by B. E. Baker (ePUB)

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The Lookback (Birch Creek Ranch #8) by B. E. Baker – Free eBooks Download


Amanda Saddler has lived a long and happy life. She’s not ready to die or anything melodramatic, but she’s long since given up on finding her fairytale ending.

But when her adoptive granddaughter Emery picks up a box that was delivered to her doorstep, some new stories from the past come to light. Amanda Saddler may have spent her life pining for her neighbor, Jed Brooks, but that’s not the only man she ever knew.
Emery doggedly asks after a man from an old photo, who turns out to be the man Amanda Saddler stayed with when she left town for a few months. When that same man calls Amanda’s phone, of course Emery answers and invites him to come for a visit.
Can Amanda Saddler reconcile the wrongs in her past to set her story right in the present, or is it too late for her to find her happy ending alongside a man who has always wanted a place in her heart? Join all your favorite people—and the ones you love to hate—in Birch Creek Ranch as Amanda, Abigail, Helen, Mandy, Donna, and their families search for their happily ever afters together.

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