The Loner’s Prize by Cassi Hart (ePUB)

loner's prize, cassi hart

The Loner’s Prize (Happily Ever After Mountain #1) by Cassi Hart – Free eBooks Download


Film production intern, Jess, is used to playing it safe.
But when her ex-boyfriend accuses her of being too boring, she begins to wonder if it’s time for a change. Her opportunity comes in the form of a tv show, Wild Mountain Men. They’re set to start filming in rural Alaska with a survivalist expert and need an intern to accompany the team. Jess volunteers, certain that this is her opportunity to prove that she isn’t as timid and boring as everyone seems to think she is. But when she arrives and meets Nick, she quickly realizes that she’s found the adventure of a lifetime. The only question is, can Jess convince quiet, lonely Nick to take a chance on what could be the greatest adventure of their lives? Or will she return to sunny LA with a broken heart?

Nick has spent his entire life in the wilds of Alaska.
He spends his days keeping adventure-seeking tourists safe on treks through Denali National Park. He isn’t sure why a tv show would be interested in him, but he’s glad for the business exposure. When he welcomes the film crew, the last thing he expects is to meet a petite woman from sunny California who rocks the foundation of his well-ordered life. But Nick knows all too well that the harsh Alaskan wilderness can’t compete with the glitz and glamor of a big city. He’s certain nothing he can say or do will make Jess want to stay. Can he be enough for her?

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