The Little Hemlock King by Maggie Hemlock (ePUB)

little hemlock king, maggie hemlock

The Little Hemlock King (The New Hemlock Wolf Pack Saga #1) by Maggie Hemlock – Free eBooks Download


Omega dragon shifter, Liam Moonscale, has known who his true-mate was since he was a teenager. His gift of the Omega Sight has complicated a lot of spaces in his life, and things are about to get a lot more complicated. When the Alpha of the new budding wolf pack, The New Hemlock Wolves, calls with a request for him to help solve the murder of a friend. Liam doesn’t hesitate to run to his true-mate’s side, but the troubles run deeper than either of them ever imagined.
Alpha wolf shifter, Robert ‘Bobby’ Hemlock, is in for the most interesting times of his life, according to his parents, that still call him by his childhood nickname. The founding of his pack ran smoothly until he stumbled upon a dumped body in the woods surrounding Heartville, and everything changed. His long-time internet friend is his true-mate, and there is something in his woods picking off wanderers one by one. Balancing the pull of the true-mate magic and solving the mystery is going to take all of his concentration but just sitting next to Liam makes his thoughts fill like a deck of shuffled playing cards.

Will love and magic be enough to save not only the up-and-coming pack, but the two true-mates that can’t seem to keep their hands off each other?

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