The Lies Of Lena by Kylie Snow (ePUB)

lies of lena, kylie snow

The Lies Of Lena (The Otacian Chronicles #1) by Kylie Snow – Free eBooks Download


Lena Daelyra has always lived in fear, as do most Mages in Tovagoth. Mages are discriminated against, hunted for sport, and have no laws that provide them protection. She has kept to herself her entire life, even after she and her mother found a permanent residence in the kingdom of Otacia. That is until she meets Quill Callon, a handsome resident of the Inner Ring, who agrees to train her in weaponry—a safe way of defending herself. As her feelings for Quill develop, she is taunted by the reminder that she can never show her true self, show what she really is. Not even to him.

Silas La’Rune, Crown Prince of Otacia, has been kept inside the castle walls since he was five years old, since the kidnapping and murder of his younger sister, the Princess. He hasn’t known freedom. Hasn’t even seen his kingdom, except from the castle windows. It isn’t until the Queen allows him one day outside the walls that he sees Otacia for himself. One day that changes everything.

When something devastating separates Lena from the man she grows to love, things are not the same when they find each other five years later. Not at all.
And when Lena and Silas’s story finally becomes intertwined, it is clear the fate of Magekind rests on both of their shoulders.

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