The Kraken’s Kiss by Matilda Martel (ePUB)

kraken's kiss, matilda martel

The Kraken’s Kiss (Mated to the Monster) by Matilda Martel – Free eBooks Download


His kiss changes her reality. Her caring heart changes his world.

Nerissa Sorel has accidentally entered a world beyond her comprehension. Troubled by unsettling visions disrupting her life, she embarks on a journey guided by mysterious signs, eventually veering off the beaten path.
Unaware that mystical forces are orchestrating her fate, Nerissa is inadvertently swept away into a parallel dimension and tossed into the treacherous waters of Mirinthia, the enchanted sea of the Otherworld.
Nerissa endures hours afloat until her body succumbs to exhaustion, consumed by the unforgiving sea. Drifting into unconsciousness, surrendering to despair, she feels a sudden rush of air as lips press against hers, infusing her with renewed life. When she awakens, she encounters her rescuer: a being neither fully man nor beast, who claims to be her fated mate.
King Egon of Mirinthia is the last of his kind. With his unique heritage—part human, part Kraken—he has witnessed the gradual disappearance of his kin and resigned himself to the inevitability of extinction. In a realm where not every otherworldly being discovers their fated mate, those without such fortune face the grim reality of their species fading into oblivion.
Until he hears the cry of his mate echoing through the waves, her desperate plea for aid engulfed by the very seas she was destined to rule. Nerissa is not from his world. She’s human and unable to survive underwater–until his kiss seals their fates together, forever binding her to him.
Their love ignites instantly, and their passion erupts like a tempest. Yet, as Nerissa finds herself enraptured, can she forsake her former life entirely to reign forever as the Kraken’s queen?

The Kraken’s Kiss is part of the Otherworld series by Matilda Martel
This book is part of the Mated to the Monster multi-author monster romance series.
All books in this series are standalone stories.

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